Transforming Autism

Recovery - the act of
"returning to a healthy condition"

If your child has slipped behind the mask of autism and you're looking to bring him or her back, you're in the right place.

Science shows us that at the root of the behavioral symptoms known as Autism Spectrum Disorder are many internal disruptions.

The Signs, Symptoms & Behaviors

You may observe a few or many of these signs and symptoms in your child:

What's Underneath the Surface

Chronic infections and their toxins, heavy metal toxicity, pesticide, herbicide, hormone-mimicking toxins from plastics, inflammation and disrupted detoxification systems all contribute to the symptoms known as Autism.


If your child is very sensitive (and I see most are), then many forms of stimulation are amplified, too much for the nervous system to handle. For example – crowds, places with strong smells, too much noise, too many visitors or activities, the pace is too fast.

This “too much” causes even more internal stress and keeps the body in fight or flight mode, interrupting healing. Does your son ever seem “wired but tired”, hyper, yet unable to sleep or calm down? Even if stress is not outwardly apparent, its likely the internal systems operating in a ‘stress mode'.

Family Dynamics

A special needs/special diet/sensitive child affects the entire family. Food preparation, activities, timing, therapy sessions, outings – whether or not to go out – may create family tension.

Emotions & Trauma

Emotions play a huge part in the body, though in our society, we rarely recognize this aspect of healing. Anger, sadness, fear – the emotions have a chemical signature in the body. In utero, birth, post-natal and beyond all have an emotional impact on a person's body. What looks like fun and playing to one person could be traumatic for another. Think back to your child's emotional history, your own. Are there instances of trauma, grief, hardship? 


How can we help you?

We have programs to create more ease  – for your child, for your family. Your child will progress, heal, develop. We support you, the parents, on what to do so that you have peace of mind and more daily harmony. 

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Body Biomap Assessment

Body Biomap is created during your child's assessment and shows dysfunction within the body, where your child needs a little help.

Dysfunction can show up at a system-wide level, such as immune system or digestive system issues. It can be at an organ level, such as an overwhelmed liver, lung or kidney issues. It can show up as cellular dysfunction.

Cells are the building blocks of the entire body, including the brain. When cell level dysfunction is detected and corrected, the entire body works better. 

Cellular function is a key area of focus in the Body Biomap Assessment.

Work with Luminara One on One

Luminara has worked with hundreds of clients in a one-on-one fashion over the last decade.

Autism recovery is  more like a marathon than a sprint. It takes consistent, small changes throughout the body over time.

We recommend working together for a period of time, consistently, so that we can see these slow steady changes together. As we go through the process, we change up protocols and focus on what is needed at the time we are together.

Every client is unique and individualized protocols are used. Sign up below for a Next Steps Discovery Consultation to see if we would be a good fit working together to bring your child greater calm, comfort, development and independence.

We're Here To Help!

We offer a 50-min Next Steps Discovery Consult where you receive
ideas for what to do next for your child.

*The consultation fee is applied toward our Way to Recovery package if purchased within 3 months of your consult.

If you reside outside of the USA, Canada or Europe and cannot find a time on our calendar that works for you,
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