But first, drainage. what is it and why do most practitioners skip this crucial step?

Drainage Definition – to cause a liquid to go out from; empty.

In the body, cellular waste is carried away from the cells by the lymph vessels, which are right next to veins of the circulatory system.

The lymphatic vessels empty into the circulatory system at the heart. This blood is then pumped to the liver to process the toxic cellular waste.

The liver places the broken down toxins into the bile, which then ‘drains’ into the intestines and exits through the feces, every time we have a bowel movement.

The order of draining waste from the body is

  1. from the colon (1)
  2. through the liver into the small intestine (2a)
  3. or if liver is overwhelmed, into kidneys (2b)
  4. from lymph through the heart and into liver (3)
  5. from brain into the body (4)

The liver, gall bladder and movement of bile is typically sluggish.
Why does this matter?

It means toxins are not exiting the body properly, but backing up into other elimination channels, much like a hair clog in your shower. The water doesn’t drain; it stays in the bathtub with hair, dirt and waste. Yuck!

Possible signs the liver is overwhelmed, overworked, backed up and needs help:

  • skin rashes – eczema, boils, random rashes, skin bumps
  • bad breath
  • very smelly urine, frequent urination, frequent thirst
  • swollen lymph glands
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • swollen lymph glands

When the liver is overwhelmed or the bile is sluggish, or sludgey, the toxins really have nowhere to go. So they back up into the secondary routes of elimination. Or they back up through the lymphatic system, like the water backs up into your bathtub when there’s a clog in your drain. These secondary routes of elimination include:

  • Kidneys and urinary system
  • Skin
  • Respiratory tract

We are exposed to a myriad of toxins each and every day (see below, sources of toxins).

In our experience, we’ve seen children on the spectrum typically have poor-working drainage systems and disrupted cellular detoxification. And what's worse, heavy metals and other toxins disrupt cellular detoxification. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Find out how your child's drainage and
detoxification are working.

It’s important to have your child’s drainage system and cellular detoxification assessed. This will get to the root, and give you the answers you’re seeking – answers that tell you what is contributing to the autism behaviors, delayed development and neurological issues.

Once you have answers, you take a deep breath of relief. Then you start helping these systems and the entire body so

We can help!

We help you discover the root causes of the undesirable or difficult behaviors and development delays.

We assess your child’s drainage and detoxification systems and help improve them, so the behaviors can shift. Imagine your child

AA, boy age 6 ½

After 3 sessions he is trying to talk more and his words sound more clear than before!

Apple Valley, CA
BP, boy age 6 ½

I feel like I'm getting my precious little boy back...

Santa Cruz, CA
LW, girl age 5

...the greatest change has been in speech!

Creedmoore, NC
JL, boy age 6

...he can now focus and pay attention to what he is learning...

Johor, W Malaysia
RWP age 13

...older brother not being treated, age 13 - Sleeping better, diarrhea better, calmer...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
RSP, boy age 8

...mood improvements, more calm, better toileting in general; able to concentrate for an hour at a time...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
NT, boy age 8

...calmer, more attentive, responds to his name, follows instructions most of the time...

Mumbai, India
JS, 26-yr old man

...more focused and needing no guidance and being efficient at tasks...

Madison, WI
SV, boy age 9

...fewer injuries, sleeping well, weight gain...

Santa Cruz, CA
MT, boy age 7 able to sit down and do work, writing his name, reading instructions...

Quebec City, Canada
AP, boy age 7

...more engaged, appropriate behavior...

East Brunswick, New Jersey
KO, boy age 3 ½

He’s spontaneously speaking on his own...

Edgware, England
NC, boy age 7

He walked most of the day on an outing, when in the past that would have never happened...

Portland, OR

How to Improve the Body's Detoxification:

There are many strategies to help get the body's systems working as they should. We use a variety of methods, including NeuroModulation Technique (NMT). Other strategies include homeopathic remedies, herbal support, nutritional support, such as particular minerals or vitamins and specific types of body massages. Using foods and compounds to pull metals, pesticides and other chemicals out complements nutrition.

If you’re not sure what your next steps for your child are, speak with us in a 50-min Next Step Discovery Consult where we will give you specific strategies and next steps for your child's recovery.

If you’re already sure you’d like to get to the root of your child’s behaviors, are ready to implement, solutions, and to see behavior changes, schedule a FREE Discovery Call with us to see if we'd be a good working team.

Drainage systems must work properly

DIGESTIVE: Your child must be pooping daily, as this is the major routeavenue of releasing toxin releases.

URINARY: Your child's kidneys must be functioning well. Toxins and Wwaste and toxins, particularly heavy metals, are eliminated through the urine.

RESPIRATORY: The respiratory tract must be processing waste properly through the breath.

SKIN: The skin, the body's largest organ, will also eliminate toxins through sweat. Sometimes this looks like a rash or eczema, especially when the liver is overwhelmedblocked.

LYMPH: Your child's lymphatic system must be properly carrying waste from cells. A great way to induce better lymph function is to make sure your child moves, plays, exercises every day.

Detoxification within the cells

Detoxification must work both inside the cells, and then the toxins drain throughout the tissues and systems and exit the body.

The enzyme pathways within the cells are the workhorses of detoxifications. These help break down things like pesticides, plastic chemicals, fire retardants, artificial smells/colors/flavors, toxins pathogens produce and more.

The enzymes themselves are typically coated with toxins; this keeps them from working efficiently or at all. They must be freed up in order to work. Key minerals are important for helping the enzymes to work.

The first step to eliminating the toxic load is to reduce or eliminate exposure to toxins; to stop absorbing them. Check which ones you and your family may be exposed to…

Source of Toxins


Unfortunately, unless we eat completely organic our food also contains:


Additionally, our drinking water is not as pure as we think it is. There are high levels of pharmaceuticals (from people's urine) which cannot be filtered out in water treatment plants. If in the US, you can check your tap water for levels of toxic chemicals by entering your zip code here.


What is in the air near you? Which factories are near enough for the wind to blow the toxic smoke to your house or school? Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen criss-cross contrails (aka chemtrails), or seen an airplane fly overhead? Did you know airplanes have to drop their jet fuel before landing? It vaporizes in the air we breathe.


HOME/WORK/SCHOOL: New carpet, flooring, walls may be off-gassing chemicals from glue, paint or finishes. Toxic mold can be a big problem for some homes and many bodies. Electromagnetic frequencies from refrigerator, wifi, TV, in the walls, other electrical devices can disrupt the human electromagnetic field (the heart and brain both emit electromagnetic waves). And as a reaction to EMFs, mold increases the amount of toxins it makes (think if there is mold in the body….).


What do you put on your child's hair or skin on a regular basis? Look at the ingredient list for your products (sunscreen, lotions, shampoos, dish soap, laundry detergent, make-up). If you don't know what the ingredient is, look it up. The Environmental Working Group has a great website listing toxins and safety for lots of personal care products.

IF YOUR CHILD ISN’T ELIMINATING THESE TOXIC SUBSTANCES… then they can be contributing to nervous system disruption and lack of development. Please have your child checked either with our Body Biomap Assessment or through diagnostic testing through your autism-specialist practitioner.

Need a specialist?

If you're ready to start seeing improvements in your child’s behaviors within as little as 2 weeks, get on a FREE Discovery Call with us to see how we can help your child.