Transforming Autism Behaviors

Working at a Foundational Level in the body changes the way the body works
which changes the way autism looks.

We get to the root of what causes neuro-developmental, sensory processing, motor development, emotional, behavioral issues.

The result is the Recovery of Health and Function.

Besides our educational resources like telesummit interviews, blog posts, Facebook and Instagram lives and information shared regularly through emails, we offer:

We strive to create more ease  – for your child and for your family. Your child will heal, develop, connect, thrive and live a fuller life. We support you, the parents, on what to do so that you have peace of mind and more daily harmony.

Learn more about shifting autism or discover our services below. 


Don't know what To do next?


If you're looking for next steps in helping your child express, calm, connect and more, a consult to find out what is possible and available may be just right for you.

We offer an opportunity for you to speak with autism shift specialist, Luminara Serdar, to discover approaches you haven't heard of or been too cautious to explore.

She is happy to guide you to the right next step for your child. If that is to work with us to help the body function better, she will give you options of how we could work together for your child's success, and your peace of mind.

*The consultation fee is applied toward our Way to Transformation package if purchased within 3 months of your consult.

Ready to shift behaviors in as little
as 2 weeks?

Body Biomap Assessment

Assessing key areas of function tells you what processes in your child's body needs help.

For example, if your child has

  • low muscle tone
  • a floppy body
  • wants to be carried a lot
  • doesn't want to play, walk or exert lots of energy
  • seems lethargic, seems wired but tired

these could be signs of mitochondrial dysfunction.

We assess this, and so much more! See more details.

And then we methodically correct the dysfunction.

You receive a full report, detailed recorded analysis of the report, and an individualized protocol recommendation for your child's unique constitution.

We follow up every 2-3 months throughout the protocol, for 7 sessions.

Ready to take steady, persistent action
to improved behavior?

Healing with NeuroModulation Technique

Transforming Autism is a marathon, not a sprint!

NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) is a process of redirecting the nervous system to correct mistakes and get better and better at doing the right thing.

Sometimes, it's a gradual, step-by-step process. Or, you can see huge shifts from one application of NMT.

By applying NMT regularly, the body takes advantage of a “healing momentum” to remodel from the inside out.

Our bodies regularly make mistakes, kind of like how software or apps get corrupted or out of date and need upgrades. NMT identifies and corrects mistakes, creating improved function and improved behaviors over time.

Our 12-session, 12-month Way to Shift NMT package spurs your child's healing, helping to make significant progress in all areas, including sleep, digestion, attention/focus, eye contact, cognitive and comprehension gains, speech, expressive speech and conversation, social skills and overall development.

The package includes access to our Transforming Autism Program, membership site and 24/7 Forum, where you'll join our community of like-minded parents on the same mission as you.


Which diet is right for your child?

It’s quite possible one of these, or some variation of a cleaner diet will work for your child – for a while. It’s quite possible a diet will be nourishing for several months before moving on to a style of eating that is even more nourishing. We’ll help you figure that out.

Working With Luminara One-on-One

Our Way to Shift Package spanning about 12 months includes:

  • Assessments of the state of various systems of the body. How functional or dysfunctional systems are.
  • Determination of level of stressors/toxicity in the body. This helps determine and refine our recommended protocol, which is customized for each unique child.
  • Application of 12 NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) sessions over approximately 12 months.

Body Biomap Sessions (no NMT)
Through various assessments, I create an internal “Biomap” of your child's body, looking at what is dysfunctional and what can be improved.

You'll learn about your child's levels of inflammation, allergy and autoimmunity (which all contributes to the neurological misbehavior), drainage, detoxification function, their mitochondrial functioning and other important cellular reactions – all aspects contributing to speech delay, neurodevelopmental delay, digestive issues, social issues and vitamin deficiencies or imbalances.

This includes 7 assessments over about 12 months' time as we work through an individualized protocol designed to shift behaviors by eliminating built up stressors/toxins.

Luminara Serdar

Our Transforming Autism 12-month Program

We customize a plan for your child so that you see shifts to calm, connected and communicative.

You get expert guidance in a community where you are understood and supported, with like-minded parents experiencing similar struggles and goals for their children. 

  • A Proven Step-by-Step Protocol leading to behavior and health improvements
  • Expert guidance through application of the protocol to avoid setbacks
  • One one-on-one coaching call with Luminara
  • 3 learning modules to walk you through the stressors that contribute to autism and how to change them
  • 6 Live Q&A calls with Luminara – get your questions answered on the spot! (2 calls per month)
  • Interpretation of your child's lab results during a group call
  • Membership area to post questions and successes – 24/7, any time!
  • How to implement simple shifts in your home environment that have a big impact on behavior and health
  • Solutions for helping your child’s body and behaviors shift by releasing accumulated toxic waste
  • Top supplements and strategies – and how best to use them – that truly help your child to make better eye contact, interact, learn and express

Not Ready to Commit to a Year Protocol?
Try our Jumpstart Program

The Transforming Autism Jumpstart Program is an 8-week “try it out” start to our longer Transforming Autism 12-month Protocol where you can begin to see behavior shifts in as little as 2 weeks.

What you’ll get:

  • Access to a proven protocol to improve your child’s elimination of destructive toxins
  • Expert guidance throughout the protocol
  • A one-on-one coaching call to customize the protocol for your child
  • Inclusion in the Transforming Autism Program Membership for 2 months
  • Two live Q&A coaching calls per month (4 calls total)
  • Inclusion in our private Membership Forum to post questions and successes any time, 24/7
  • How best to begin giving supplements in the protocol to minimize ‘detox’ reactions
  • Education about which foods are creating toxicity in your child and what to give instead
  • Access to practitioner-quality supplements with discounts