Autism Expressions Card Deck

Tested and loved by parents and children

The Autism Expressions Card Deck was developed to help children express how they are feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally. Even children who are non-verbal or low-expressive can share what is really going on for them by pulling a card. This deck contains 52 colorful cards with original artwork and unique messages your child may be wishing to express to you.  $30

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Zinger Scalar Antenna

The Zinger is an electronic device used to convert an audio file of a NMT healing session into scalar waves. $80*

Scalar wave technology serves as a vehicle for the intended transformation. Scalar waves can pass through solid objects, are non-linear, non-electromagnetic and do not decay with time or distance from their source. In fact, we are constantly producing these scalar waves, but are quite unaware of it.

A recorded MP3 file of the specific intention of the healing session will be emailed to you and can optionally be broadcast through your own personal scalar antenna, the Zinger.

Although no therapeutic effect can be claimed (the Zinger has not been tested or approved by any regulatory agency), people who replay the audio file of their healing session while using the Zinger report their symptoms decrease or go away completely.

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Doctors Panel Video Interviews

Want the expertise of the top autism doctors? In this video, 5 of the leading autism recovery doctors answer common questions about autism recovery and give practical strategies for your child. Check out a sneak preview in our blog series. $19.97

Want the expertise of 77 autism recovery experts?

In 4 telesummits, Luminara has interviewed 77 experts and parents who speak on various aspects of the recovery from the symptoms known as autism. Click here.

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Autism Recovery Summit 2:
Hope & Possibilities

Hear from leading doctors, therapists, nutritionists and novel thinkers to help fast forward your child's autism recovery journey. $197


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Autism Recovery Telesummit:
Choices & Possibilities

Parents, whether your child has been newly diagnosed, has hit a plateau in recovery or is developing new skills every day; we’ve got insights and tools for you. Purchase this summit for your educational needs! $197

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Autism Recovery Telesummit 4:
Healing Brain, Body & Being

Luminara interviews doctors, scientists, nutritionists and more, who share up to date strategies used in the recovery of behaviors known as autism. Learn what drainage, detox, supplemental nutrition and the right food have to do with healing your child. $197

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Autism Recovery Summit 3:
Potential, Performance & Possibility

You’ll receive the most essential, cutting edge information and strategies to create a huge leap in your child’s behaviors and life. Learn the latest about toxicity, behaviors, the microbiome and more! $197


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