I'm just starting out. 
What should I do first?

If your child has slipped behind the mask of autism and you’re looking to bring him or her back, you’re in the right place. 

Science shows us that at the root of the behavioral symptoms known as Autism Spectrum Disorder are many internal disruptions.

What's Underneath the Surface
Chronic infections and their toxins, heavy metal toxicity, pesticides, herbicides, hormone-mimicking toxins from plastics, bedding chemicals and flame retardants, inflammation and disrupted detoxification systems all contribute to the symptoms known as Autism.

If your child is very sensitive (and most I see are), then many forms of stimulation are amplified, too much for the nervous system to handle. For example – crowds, places with strong smells, too much noise, too many visitors or activities, the pace is too fast.

This “too much” causes even more internal stress and keeps the body in fight or flight mode, interrupting healing. Does your son ever seem “wired but tired”, hyper, yet unable to sleep or calm down? Even if stress is not outwardly apparent, its likely the internal systems are stressed.

Family Dynamics
A special needs/special diet/sensitive child affects the entire family. Food preparation, activities, timing, therapy sessions, outings – whether or not to go out – may create family tension.

Emotions play a huge role in the body, though in our society, we rarely recognize this aspect of healing. Anger, sadness, fear – these emotions have a chemical signature in the body. Experiences in the womb, the birth process, post-natal and beyond all have an emotional impact on a person’s body. What looks like fun and playing to one person could be traumatic for another. Think back to your child’s emotional history, and your own, especially when you were pregnant. Are there instances of trauma, grief, hardship?

RECOVERY – How We Can Help
We have programs to create more ease – for your child, for the family. Your child will progress, heal, develop. We support you, the parents, on what to do so that you have peace of mind and more daily harmony.

Getting Started

Download the Autism Recovery Journey


A “Summary of the Recovery Process”, this series of steps (and informative emails) will get you familiarized with the basic stages toward recovering a healthy body and mind, which automatically reverses unwanted behaviors, helps kids connect, grow and learn.

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Want the expertise of 77 autism recovery experts?

In three years of telesummits, Luminara has interviewed 77 experts who speak on various aspects of the recovery from the symptoms known as autism. Choose from

  • The Autism Recovery Telesummit: Choices & Possibilities, 2016
  • Autism Recovery Summit 2: Hope & Possibilities, 2017
  • Autism Recovery Summit 3: Potential, Performance & Possibility, 2018
  • Autism Recovery Summit 4: Healing Brain, Body & Being, 2020

Find out the next steps for your child.

Get guidance from an experienced professional immediately.

This will save you time, money, energy, worry, stress! It may even save your own life as well as your marriage. You may not know this yet, but most parents who embark on this journey spend tons of money, deplete their energy, and feel very stressed out.

First, take a big breath in, and sigh it out. You don’t have to be one of those parents! You can have your child back. Remember a few things.

You are NOT alone. You will need HELP.

For the quickest recovery, you will want the HELP of an EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL, one who has helped kids recover from the symptoms known as autism, who have helped kids lose their diagnosis and are now fully engaged in life. You want someone who has specific training and experience in the various aspects of autism recovery.

The road to recovery can be long, but needn’t be made longer by

  • guessing what to do
  • trying a new supplement you heard about in a Facebook group that helped some kids, or
  • going from doctor to doctor who didn’t really helped or made things worse.

Apply for a Discovery Call with us to see
if we are a fit to work together!

Discover if what we do is good a fit for your child in their autism recovery journey.
* In order to make the most of our time together, we ask for some info about your child before we start a call.

Want Results Like This?

AA, boy age 6 ½

After 3 sessions he is trying to talk more and his words sound more clear than before!

Apple Valley, CA
BP, boy age 6 ½

I feel like I'm getting my precious little boy back...

Santa Cruz, CA
LW, girl age 5

...the greatest change has been in speech!

Creedmoore, NC
JL, boy age 6

...he can now focus and pay attention to what he is learning...

Johor, W Malaysia
RWP age 13

...older brother not being treated, age 13 - Sleeping better, diarrhea better, calmer...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
RSP, boy age 8

...mood improvements, more calm, better toileting in general; able to concentrate for an hour at a time...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
NT, boy age 8

...calmer, more attentive, responds to his name, follows instructions most of the time...

Mumbai, India
JS, 26-yr old man

...more focused and needing no guidance and being efficient at tasks...

Madison, WI
SV, boy age 9

...fewer injuries, sleeping well, weight gain...

Santa Cruz, CA
MT, boy age 7

...is able to sit down and do work, writing his name, reading instructions...

Quebec City, Canada
AP, boy age 7

...more engaged, appropriate behavior...

East Brunswick, New Jersey
KO, boy age 3 ½

He’s spontaneously speaking on his own...

Edgware, England
NC, boy age 7

He walked most of the day on an outing, when in the past that would have never happened...

Portland, OR

More Education and Resources

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Watch interviews with parents in the trenches, what they have found helpful that may also help your child. Free Resource!

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Working With Luminara

Doing some or even all of the things on this page can help your child's symptoms of autism lessen. But the most drastic results come from children who have worked with me directly.

Through various assessments, I create an internal “Biomap” of your child's body, looking at what is dysfunctional and what can be improved (Hint: it all can improve!).

For instance, I can let you know about your child's levels of inflammation, allergy and autoimmunity (which all contributes to the neurological misbehavior), detoxification function, their methylation abilities, their mitochondrial functioning – all aspects contributing to speech delay, neurodevelopmental delay, digestive issues, social issues.

There are a variety of ways that we can work together to help your child feel better and recover from the underlying causes of their autism symptoms.

You're invited to …

Experience One on One Healing Sessions

Experience individual healing sessions with Luminara Serdar. When you work with us one on one, our methods will change your child's body from the inside out in ways that, over time, dramatically ease the symptoms of autism - because we are working at eliminating the underlying causes within the body. When this happens, you'll see certain behaviors diminish and even go away.