3 Simple Calming Actions for Bedtime

Here's the calm-moves video with 3 really easy actions that can help your child calm down significantly before bedtime.

Hint: It can be used any time during the day and for any family member! Practice it when your child is calm and use during times of upset. Try it and watch how fast it works and how good you – and your kids – feel.

Work With Luminara - Body Biomap Assessment and Heath Protocol

Luminara Serdar

Through various assessments, I create an internal “Biomap” of the body, looking at what is dysfunctional and what can be improved (Hint: it all can improve!). 

You receive an application of NeuroModulation Technique, a full report and individualized healing protocol, and 15-minute follow up to clarify findings and protocol.

Assessments include drainage systems, cellular detoxification efficiency,  key biochemical functions including of methylation and mitochondrial function,  chronic infection load, autoimmune behavior, toxin load including metals.

Get more detail about the Body Biomap Assessment.