Follow Up After Consult

Thank you for attending your consultation with Luminara!

Below is a video that will review the details she covered during your time together so that you can make the best decision for you and your child when considering working with Luminara.

Questions? Please reach out to

** Please note: The zinger scalar antenna no longer comes with the black adapter you see in the video.

If you want more guidance with your child's recovery to health, we are happy to help. Your healing package (emailed to you in PDF form) includes the following:

  1. Sessions spread out every other week. We may go for longer stretches of time in between sessions if your child’s body is indicating that would be beneficial (for example, to allow certain remedies or supplements to be implemented)
  2. Coaching regarding nutrition and diet as needed
  3. Assessments as outlined in the package pricing PDF, including assessing for various toxins and pathogens in the body, assessing the body's detox systems, as well as other assessments for dysfunctional systems or biochemistry
  4. Zinger Scalar antenna for session content reinforcement in between times we meet
  5. Supplement testing – I will test your child’s supplements  if they are beneficial for them, which, if any, may be creating an allergy or adverse reaction, whether or not they are being utilized. Based on that info, we will adjust supplements accordingly.
  6. Other testing – As needed per session. We can ask the body any questions, as long as we put it into a yes/no format.

    • Your child need not be present at most of the sessions, but I will see him/her during the initial session, to introduce myself and typically let them know I’ll be working with their parent to help them feel better in their body and have an easier time doing things
    • I will view your child 5- 10 min during first session – If this is a hardship (to have child around for the rest of the session) then we set up a separate 10 min meet and greet with your child while they are around and then at the scheduled time I do session with parent
    • There are times I will ask that child is present at the session – especially when we work on specific emotional content and need to tap the individual himself (works better than with a surrogate)
    • Initial session is 90 min, where I do assessments and deliver NMT pathways that come up – the second session is about an hour where we will go over assessment results, recommended remedies/supplement/actions and apply another NMT session
    • Follow up sessions thereafter take about 50-60 minutes.
    • After each session you will receive an MP3 file of the session content for reinforcement of the session content between sessions.
    • If there are any concerns about how working with me corresponds to working with any of your other practitioners, please be assured that I am a team player and love collaboration.