Empowering Yourself, Healing Your Child

The Muscle Testing course that allows you to tap into the body's wisdom to determine the exact nutritional
support your your child and family need.

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What is Muscle Testing?

Did you know that your body can talk? Our bodies are constantly giving and receiving information. When you smell something, your body is receiving information. When you bump your knee your body is sending you information that something could be wrong by sending a pain signal. 

But your body communicates in much subtler ways too. Have you ever had the hair stand up on the back of your neck when something isn't quite right? Or had a chill? This is your body reacting to knowing that something might be off. What if you could use your body's inherent wisdom to also tap into improving your child's health?

Muscle testing is a method used by holistically minded practitioners to use your body's reflexes to tell you about it's overall health. 



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Why take this course

The families that work with Autism Transformed typically have beautifully unique children on the autism spectrum that experience discomfort and social difficulties from autism symptoms.  This can be challenging for your family when your children aren't able to fully communicate why they don't feel good physically or emotionally. Children on the autism spectrum are extremely sensitive. So it helps to have a tool that parents can use that is equally as sensitive at picking up on things that could be exacerbating their symptoms. 


  • If your child isn't sleeping, muscle testing can ____________
  • If your child had trouble eating muscle testing can ____________
  • If your child is aggressive muscle testing can ____________
  • If your child elopes (runs away)
  • If your child muscle testing can ____________


Who is this course for?

Muscle testing allows you to test to see if your child's body is responding to a nutritional supplement, or food, or experiencing an allergy that you might not be aware of and much more.  

for instance … 

Write a scenario or several to go here

Anyone can do muscle testing, and it works on just about everybody. While we have created this course specifically to help families that we work with every day this technique can help literally anyone that has a body! 

Muscle testing can be used by anyone who wants optimal health, and to know which supplements are good for your body. You can test not just supplements, but which foods would be nutritious for your body in the moment, even which ones your body doesn’t want to ingest. Learning muscle testing can help find out what foods or other compounds you (or your child) are allergic to or have sensitivities to.

Want Results Like This?

AA, boy age 6 ½

After 3 sessions he is trying to talk more and his words sound more clear than before!

Apple Valley, CA
BP, boy age 6 ½

I feel like I'm getting my precious little boy back...

Santa Cruz, CA
LW, girl age 5

...the greatest change has been in speech!

Creedmoore, NC
JL, boy age 6

...he can now focus and pay attention to what he is learning...

Johor, W Malaysia
RWP age 13

...older brother not being treated, age 13 - Sleeping better, diarrhea better, calmer...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
RSP, boy age 8

...mood improvements, more calm, better toileting in general; able to concentrate for an hour at a time...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
NT, boy age 8

...calmer, more attentive, responds to his name, follows instructions most of the time...

Mumbai, India
JS, 26-yr old man

...more focused and needing no guidance and being efficient at tasks...

Madison, WI
SV, boy age 9

...fewer injuries, sleeping well, weight gain...

Santa Cruz, CA
MT, boy age 7

...is able to sit down and do work, writing his name, reading instructions...

Quebec City, Canada
AP, boy age 7

...more engaged, appropriate behavior...

East Brunswick, New Jersey
KO, boy age 3 ½

He’s spontaneously speaking on his own...

Edgware, England
NC, boy age 7

He walked most of the day on an outing, when in the past that would have never happened...

Portland, OR

Course Breakdown

6 weeks

Module 1: About this course, science, history, and one method of muscle testing and it's ties to ancient Chinese Medicine. 
Module 2: Learn multiple methods in muscle testing
Module 3: Learn how to use a surrogate to muscle test 
Module 4: Practice by doing a full session from start to finish under the guidance of Luminara Serdar.
Module 5: The Role of Emotions in Muscle Testing and Health
Module 6: Fine Tuning Your Muscle Testing by Adding New Concepts

About Luminara

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You will absolutely learn to Muscle Test if you do the work. This means attending all meetings, reading the course material and practicing every single day. This course requires your participation for success. After all, practice makes perfect, right? The only way to condense years of education and work into your 6 week course is to ensure that you are able to participate fully and practice. However,  we believe so thoroughly in this course that  we promise if you fully participate and still do not feel that you are able to muscle test, we will issue a refund. 

Our Mission

We're committed to bringing health and vitality to 1 Million children on the autism spectrum* in a holistic way, considering the child's inner terrain and outer environment.
*On the autism spectrum includes those with Sensory Processing Disorder, Neurodevelopmental delays or other Neuro issues, ADD, ADHD.

Root causes: Science shows us that at the root of the behavioral symptoms knows as Autism Spectrum Disorder are many internal disruptions. 

Chronic infections and their toxins, heavy metal toxicity, pesticide, herbicide, hormone-mimicking toxins from plastics, inflammation and disrupted detoxification systems all contribute to the symptoms known as Autism.

Symptoms include: OCD, anxiety, aggression, tantrums and other disproportionate emotional reactions, speech delays, no speech, lack of focus or attention, slow response time, poor fine or gross motor skills, low muscle tone, low energy, lack of coordination, sensory integration problems, stimulation/self-stimulation behavior, difficulty transitioning, inability to socialize, loss of eye contact, constipation, diarrhea, disrupted sleep, skin issues, allergies/sensitivities and more

Family Dynamics: Having a special needs/special diet/sensitive child affects the entire family. Food preparation, activities, timing, therapy sessions, outings – whether or not to go out – may create family tension and stress for everyone.

  • Do some of these describe your child?
  • Do you feel confused or frustrated about where to start or what to do next?
  • Do you want to create more harmony in your family and daily life?

EDITED Empowering Yourself, Healing Your Child allows you understand what might be happening with your child's health on a much deeper level than possible in most other modalities.  This course will help you get right to the bottom of underlying issues to bring harmony to your child's life as quickly, naturally, and non evasively as possible.