New Client Information

Welcome to Working with Luminara and the Autism Transformed Team

Directions: To help make your new client experience easier we have created the videos below for your review. Please watch each video from start to finish to ensure your understanding of the bullet points outlined below each video. They are in bite size pieces, so you won't feel overwhelmed with all of the information at one time. You can always come back to the videos here if you forget or have questions.

Questions? Please reach out to

Video #8: Your MP3 Files and Using the Zinger Scalar Antenna 
  • After each session, you will receive an email with a link to your current MP3 file
  • Please download (and keep) all files from our Dropbox to your own device
  • Playing the file without a Zinger sounds like a fast, computer generated voice – this is purposeful
  • When you plug in the zinger, you will not hear a sound
  • Your child does not have to be next to the file playing -they can be in another room, or even at school, as scalar waves do not diminish over time and space
  • Some kids are very sensitive to the files, so please watch your child the first few times you play each new file
  • Other family members may benefit from playing your child’s files, so keep an eye out for that