New Client Information

Welcome to Working with Luminara and the Autism Transformed Team

Directions: To help make your new client experience easier we have created the videos below for your review. Please watch each video from start to finish to ensure your understanding of the bullet points outlined below each video. They are in bite size pieces, so you won't feel overwhelmed with all of the information at one time. You can always come back to the videos here if you forget or have questions.

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Video #7: What to Expect During and After your NMT Session
  • During the session you may see a calmness in your child, or you may see no apparent change
  • After, you are likely to see a huge or very stinky/unusual bowel movement
  • You may also smell urine that is stinkier/strong smelling and possibly bad breath
  • A skin rash or boil could also occur
  • These are signs of toxin elimination and wonderful movement in a positive direction