Review of Discovery Call

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me during our Discovery Call!

I invite you to watch this video below as a follow up to our call. It reviews the basics of what we discussed.

If you have any questions, please email .

Discovery Call Follow Up: Way to Recover Package
Refer to the pdf sent to you in your email for what is included in the Way to Recovery package
    • Assessments
    • NMT
    • Zinger Scalar Antenna
    • Testing of current supplements
    • Body Biomap and video explanation of that report
    • Video report and interpretation of any lab tests you do through us (Testing is optional and require additional fees.)
    • Periodic session reports and protocol recommendations/upates
The Way to Recovery package includes the Way to Recovery Education course and online membership:
    • 10 learning modules
    • 24 live group Q&A calls; 2 each month, with Luminara
    • Online community with parents going through a similar journey with their child
    • Membership forum to post questions and successes – 24/7
    • Access to videos with actions you can take at home, like targeted organ massages and calming techniques
    • Food trade outs for a healthier diet
    • and much more