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NeuroModulation Technique and Reinforcement of Sessions

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Video #6: NMT: What to Expect
6 Important Concepts:
  • Please be prepared to have your child present for the first 10 minutes of the first session.
  • Typically, Luminara will not need to see your child at future sessions, unless for a special circumstance, in which case she will let you know when scheduling.
  • Watch this video for an explanation of what to expect with the assessments, NMT and muscle testing.
  • Session content to be reinforced via the mp3 file and Zinger Scalar antenna.
  • Watch your child after the first few times playing this file.
  • Increase binders to assist with detox reactions.
Video #7: Using Your Zinger Scalar Antenna
  • Download all mp3 files to your device.
  • If you play this file without the Zinger, you'll hear a fast jibberish sounding voice (this is normal).
  • When played with the Zinger, you won't hear a sound (this is normal). The Zinger Scalar antenna takes the therapeutic content and turns into scalar waves.
  • Do the tapping/breathing like we do in sessions, if you want while playing the file (optional).
  • Your child does not have to be near the device. Scalar waves do not diminish over time and space, so they can be in another room, at school or out of the house.
  • The amount of times to play the file, and which files to play will vary each session. You can experiement with playing it more if you want.
  • Keep an eye on your child for the first few times playing it and note any reactions. Increasing binders is your first course of action.

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