Autism Recovery Telesummit 3

Learn effective strategies top experts use to move children off the autism spectrum.

Over 30 doctors, scientists, natural health practitioners and parents were featured in the summit, and shared proven treatments that get results.

★ Concrete steps for stimulating speech, development, sociability and happiness

★ What your regular pediatrician won’t tell you to help your child

★ Why food choices matter, what’s healthy and what’s not, and how to get your picky eater to eat what you want him to eat

★ Easy gut health solutions to improve anger, anxiety, bowel habits

★ Government regulation agencies are allowing your child to eat highly toxic chemicals every day and are NOT protecting them, and how to avoid toxic foods

★ How changing thoughts and habits – of parents and kids – can help heal autism symptoms

★ How movement and physical manipulation helps with communication, learning, awareness, motor function

★ Simple and non-invasive solutions to improve development, growth, communication, connection, sleep, head pain

★ A deep dive into the mind-body dysfunction underlying symptoms and how to correct to improve all behaviors

★ A Doctors Panel of 5 experts who answer the questions you’re thinking!

Summit Speakers

Jerry Kartzinel, MD

Autism Specialist, Author, Speaker

Preparing for Puberty: Taking on the Challenges!

Kristin Selby Gonzalez

President, Autism Hope Alliance

Sensory Integration 101

Tom O’Bryan, DC

Gluten Expert, Author, Speaker

Recognizing & Removing the ‘Emergency Brakes’ Holding Back Optimal Brain Function

Julie Matthews

Certified Nutrition Consultant, Author

Why Food Matters and How to Help Your Child Improve with Diet and
Nutrition Strategies

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD

Chronic Disease Specialist, Educator, Speaker

How Retroviruses Control Your Child's Life

Maria Rickert Hong

Holistic Health Counselor, Author

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Autism Recovery

Zach Bush, MD

Microbiome Expert, Speaker

Solutions For Our Soil And Gut Microbiome Depletion

Dr. Christine Schaffner

Chronic Disease Expert

The Synergistic Effect of Heavy Metals and Parasites in Autism

Marco Ruggiero, MD, PhD

Microbiome Expert

The Brain Microbiota in Autism

Anat Baniel

Founder of Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®

NeuroMovement®: Transform the Lives of Children with ASD and Those Who Care for Them Through Movement, Brain Change, and the 9 Essentials

Barry Smeltzer, PA

Holistic Practitioner, Environmental Specialist

The New Toxic Load in Autism: How Chemicals, Pesticides, and Mycotoxins Affect Brain Inflammation

Mary Coyle, D.I. Hom

Homotoxicology Expert

Bringing Your Child Back to Balance Using Homotoxicology

Kiran Krishnan, MS

Microbiome Expert, Speaker

Healing Leaky Gut: A Human Clinical Trial and Advancing the Paradigm Shift in Probiotics

Kathleen DiChiara

Nutritionist, Educator, Speaker

Resilience: The Beliefs, Behaviors And Bacteria That Cultivate Healing

Zen Honeycutt

Director of Moms Across America, Author, Speaker

Diet And Autism – What The Regulatory Agencies Won't Tell You And Why

Beth Lambert

Executive Director of Epidemic Answers, Author, Educator

Total Load:  How Studying Cumulative Impact Of Environmental And Lifestyle Factors Holds The Key To Human And Planetary Health

Christopher Shade, PhD

Mercury and Liposome Expert

How To Make CBD Oil Effective For Your Child

Stephanie Ray, ND, CNHP, BCN

President/CEO of BIORAY

Whole Body Balancing For Kids

Tom Moorcroft, DO

Chronic Illness Expert

Infection-Induced Autoimmune Encephalitis aka PANDAS/PANS

Darin Ingels, ND

Environmental Medicine Expert, Author

Managing Autoimmunity in Autism

Marilyn Chadwick

Communication Specialist

Facilitated Communication: One Road To A Richer, More Meaningful Life

Kate Wilde

Director of Son-Rise Program®

The Insider’s Guide To Your Child

James Williams

Author, Speaker, Consultant

Biomedical Issues From An Autistic Perspective: How Do We Experience Them?

Luminara Serdar

Luminara Serdar, BS, MBA, CPN, NMT

Nutritionist, Holistic Healer

Speeding Up the Body’s Recovery Process by Calming Neural Inflammation

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