Ask a Parent

Please enjoy these interviews with parents who have children with autism and have helped them and many others. They each have a wisdom based on their own experiences and helpful for other parents who may be struggling.

Joanie Calem, performer, educator and parent of a child on the spectrum, gives strategies so that your teacher, aid and others have a better understand and can help your child with sensory issues, give tips for transitioning to adulthood, and sang some autism-themed songs you will relate to!

Tirza Meyers, Parent and Certified Functional Health Coach, speaks about one amazing supplement she gave her son on the spectrum that made really big differences in behavior – so much so that teachers and doctors were noticing and asking what she’d done. To contact Tirza with any questions, please connect with her on her Facebook page.

Maureen Brice Bordelon, advocate, author and mama of three shares wisdom about Essential Oils for Sensitive Systems.

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