Autism Recovery Plan

How Your Child Can Become Calmer, Happier, More Expressive, Comfortable, and Interactive

With the Autism Recovery Plan

The Autism Recovery Plan will show you how to shift the behaviors – rigidity, fears, acting out, poor communication, sleep and eating… and even allow you to begin relaxing while taking your child places.  

And best of all… you can start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks, while shaving years off your child’s struggles. 

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What you can expect to experience

throughout the 12-month protocol

Take a look at what others have to say…

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Jennifer S.
and 6-yr old son, Boston, MA

"I feel like I got my son back!"

“My son is doing well.  When I came upon your program earlier this year, he was undergoing a neuropsychological evaluation, as he struggled so much with hyperactivity, inability to focus, mood swings, uncontrollable episodes of anger, and even some depression. 

His mood and his behavior are so much better and he is a happier child overall since starting the Autism Recovery Plan.  He is not having the challenges that he had before.  In fact, when he returned to school last April, he did amazingly well for the remainder of the school year, and without needing his prescribed Ritalin at all (and he continues to no longer need the medication!). We did have some bumps here and there, but he came through and kept getting better. 

He then went on to become a model student in his class and his daily reports from the teacher were always very positive.  We are now really looking forward to the new school year starting.   I am very grateful that I discovered your program and gave it a try; in a sense, I feel like I got my son back!”

improve symptoms

Stephanie D.
and a 5-yr old son, Erie,PA

"He's really participating"

“In general his anxiety has decreased. Getting him to use the restroom at all was a journey of a couple of years. He was only comfortable doing it in our house. We felt a little lost because you really can’t do much when your child won’t go to the bathroom outside of the house. Since starting the protocol his ritualized behavior around going to the bathroom faded; he doesn’t do it at all. He just goes to the restroom. If we’re out somewhere it’s not a big deal. That was a giant stressor on our family. That’s been such a huge relief.

“Others have noticed: ‘He’s really participating (instead of freezing and tensing up), seems more carefree, singing, dancing.’ His speech therapist says ‘He’s increased his use of spontaneous conversation, has inflection in his voice, making comments that are relevant.”

improve symptoms

Libia M.
and 14-yr old son, California

"His anxiety and moodiness has really diminished."

“Puberty hit and he started being really moody, having meltdowns, was obsessive about things, anxiety level through the roof, having a hard time sleeping, sometimes going to sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning. It was exhausting everyone.

I started the protocol and what a difference it made – pretty quick. Within a couple of weeks I could see a huge difference. He started to sleep a lot earlier without any of the fuss. His OCD behaviors were minimized, almost non-existent. His anxiety level and moodiness has really diminished. He was constipated and is now having 3-4 bowel movements a day without any problems. He’s trying all kinds of new foods. Socially it was like someone opened this little box and he came out of it. He tells jokes, wants to have friends, dances at parties. He went from “I’m shy, I want to be behind you, I don’t want to talk to anybody” to a social butterfly.”

What's included in the Autism Recovery Plan

autism recovery
  • A Proven Step-by-Step Protocol leading to behavior and health improvements
  • Expert guidance through application of the protocol to avoid setbacks
  • Three 30-minute one one-on-one coaching calls with Luminara – at start, midway and towards the end
  • 10 learning modules to walk you through the stressors that contribute to autism and how to change them
  • 24 Live Q&A calls – 2 each month – with Luminara. Get your questions answered on the spot!
  • Interpretation of your child's lab results* during a group call
  • Membership area to post questions and successes – 24/7, any time!
  • How to implement simple shifts in your home environment that have a big impact on behavior and health
  • Solutions for helping your child’s body and behaviors shift by releasing accumulated toxic waste
  • Top supplements and strategies – and how best to use them – that truly help your child to make better eye contact, interact, learn and express
  • Access to practitioner quality supplements
  • Simple shifts in your home environment that have a big impact on behavior

*Diagnostic lab tests are an additional charge, depending on which tests are ordered.

Not sure if this is for you?

This is your opportunity to...

children with autism

See a dramatic shift in the behaviors of rigidity, fear, acting out, communication deficits, sleeping, eating, learning and attention problems…  
and even allow you to begin relaxing when taking your child outside your home. 

Allow me to guide you on the path to: 

  • Family harmony and connection
  • Improved language and expression
  • Calm and cooperation
  • Growth and skills development
  • Social and environment awareness
  • As a parent, you’ll feel empowered, competent, successful, hopeful and more relaxed
  • You’ll see your child be calm, attentive, focused, communicating and learning
  • You’ll notice your child thrive, develop, gain independence, be happy and shine
  • … and much, MUCH More! 

And you’ll be on your way to starting the Autism Recovery Plan and seeing your child’s behaviors change before your eyes!   

There’s nothing to lose, except the worry, stress and fretting when your child doesn’t make leaps of progress with every day that passes. 

And you have your child’s health and happiness and your family’s peace of mind to gain! 

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