Services Provided

We work at the Foundational Level, which changes the way the body works,
which changes the way autism looks.

children with autism

Transforming Autism 12-Month Program

Guidance through a 12-month protocol where you will see rapid shifts in behaviors, starting as soon as 2 weeks into the protocol. Good-bye to rigidity, fears, acting out, poor communication, sleep and eating… You will feel empowered to help your child, have greater family calm, be able to
go places again!

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Transforming Autism Jumpstart Program

Not ready to commit to a 12-month protocol? The Jumpstart Program is an 8-week “try it out” start to our longer Transforming Autism 12-month Protocol where you can begin to see behavior shifts in as little
as 2 weeks.

children with autism

Way to Transformation

Work one-on-one with us! Includes everything in the Transforming Autism 12-month Program, plus 12 NeuroModulation Technique NMT energy healing sessions (approx 1/month), which means everything is customized for your child! Protocols, healing sessions, supplements and more. 

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Nutrition Consult

We look at current behaviors, symptoms and biochemistry of your child. By investigating the root cause of the autism behaviors, we can change them. Detailed info here.

We recommend diagnostic tests to find out what's going on inside the body and make a plan for how to shift the body and brain to create different behaviors. 
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children with asd

Next Step Discovery Consult

If you're not sure what to do to help your child next and are looking for the next actions that will help your child express, be calm, connect and more, this a consult to find out what is possible. See detailed information. Detailed info here.

Consult fee may be used towards
certain services. 


Luminara Serdar is an autism transformation specialist

One on One with Luminara

Want to schedule a one-on-one coaching call to see if you're on the right track with what you're doing for your child?

Luminara uses her decade+ of experience regarding nutrition, detoxification and other methods that have successfully changed autism behaviors so kids are speaking, sleeping, pooping, thinking, socializing.


We get to the root of what causes neuro-developmental, sensory processing, motor development, emotional, behavioral issues.

The result is the Recovery of Health and Function.

Besides our educational resources like telesummit interviews, blog posts, Facebook and Instagram lives and information shared regularly through emails, we offer:

We strive to create more ease  – for your child and for your family. Your child will heal, develop, connect, thrive and live a fuller life. We support you, the parents, on what to do so that you have peace of mind and more daily harmony. Like Genna did with her 4-year old daughter…

"Friends have been telling me how different she is; they are amazed. They say she is a different girl, more engaging, wanted to say hi to and hug my girlfriend who visited yesterday, making spontaneous speech attempts."

"I feel capable of helping her at this point. Before I didn't feel capable of making the changes. Nothing I tried before was like this; I can see the potential. I feel hopeful! I can see measurable change and it's really worth it."

"This is a tool I can implement as a parent (I can't do speech, OT, be a special ed teacher, etc). It really gives me my power back, and feels better than anything we've done so far."

Want Results Like This?

AA, boy age 6 ½

After 3 sessions he is trying to talk more and his words sound more clear than before!

Apple Valley, CA
BP, boy age 6 ½

I feel like I'm getting my precious little boy back...

Santa Cruz, CA
LW, girl age 5

...the greatest change has been in speech!

Creedmoore, NC
JL, boy age 6

...he can now focus and pay attention to what he is learning...

Johor, W Malaysia
RWP age 13

...older brother not being treated, age 13 - Sleeping better, diarrhea better, calmer...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
RSP, boy age 8

...mood improvements, more calm, better toileting in general; able to concentrate for an hour at a time...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
NT, boy age 8

...calmer, more attentive, responds to his name, follows instructions most of the time...

Mumbai, India
JS, 26-yr old man

...more focused and needing no guidance and being efficient at tasks...

Madison, WI
SV, boy age 9

...fewer injuries, sleeping well, weight gain...

Santa Cruz, CA
MT, boy age 7 able to sit down and do work, writing his name, reading instructions...

Quebec City, Canada
AP, boy age 7

...more engaged, appropriate behavior...

East Brunswick, New Jersey
KO, boy age 3 ½

He’s spontaneously speaking on his own...

Edgware, England
NC, boy age 7

He walked most of the day on an outing, when in the past that would have never happened...

Portland, OR

Don't know what To do next?


If you're looking for next steps in helping your child express, calm, connect and more, a consult to find out what is possible and available may be just right for you.

We offer an opportunity for you to speak with autism shift specialist, Luminara Serdar, to discover approaches you haven't heard of or been too cautious to explore.

She is happy to guide you to the right next step for your child. If that is to work with us to help the body function better, she will give you options of how we could work together for your child's success, and your peace of mind.

*The consultation fee is applied toward our Way to Transformation package if purchased within 3 months of your consult.