Our Mission

We're committed to bringing health and vitality to one million children on the autism spectrum* in a holistic way, considering the child's inner terrain and outer environment.
*On the autism spectrum includes those with Sensory Processing Disorder, Neurodevelopmental delays or other Neuro issues, ADD, ADHD.

Root causes: Science shows us that at the root of the behavioral symptoms knows as Autism Spectrum Disorder are many internal disruptions. 

Chronic infections and their toxins, heavy metal toxicity, pesticide, herbicide, hormone-mimicking toxins from plastics, inflammation and disrupted detoxification systems all contribute to the symptoms known as Autism.

Symptoms include: OCD, anxiety, aggression, tantrums and other disproportionate emotional reactions, speech delays, no speech, lack of focus or attention, slow response time, poor fine or gross motor skills, low muscle tone, low energy, lack of coordination, sensory integration problems, stimulation/self-stimulation behavior, difficulty transitioning, inability to socialize, loss of eye contact, constipation, diarrhea, disrupted sleep, skin issues, allergies/sensitivities and more

Family Dynamics: Having a special needs/special diet/sensitive child affects the entire family. Food preparation, activities, timing, therapy sessions, outings – whether or not to go out – may create family tension and stress for everyone.

  • Do some of these describe your child?
  • Do you feel confused or frustrated about where to start or what to do next?
  • Do you want to create more harmony in your family and daily life?

We have programs where your child will progress, heal, develop. We support you, the parents, on what to do so that you have peace of mind and more daily harmony. We work in-office or distance via phone or Skype. Call or contact us

Please note: We have policies and pricing about working together that may change from time to time. Should you choose to work with us, we will do our best to notify you.

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