Meet Luminara Serdar


Luminara is an Autism Recovery Expert, using science, nutrition, and energy medicine.

She helps parents find the root causes of autism and provides strategies to change the undesirable behaviors and spur neurological growth, by shifting what’s going on inside the body.

Although autism recovery is her specialty, she helps others through chronic issues using the same proven breakthrough technology she uses to help those with autism become more connected, happy and independent.

Trainings and certifications Includes

We are all born with the ability to self-heal and regenerate tissues, to heal gut issues and out-of-control inflammation. If we have a very full load of toxins, chronic infection and immune dysfunction (like in autism), we tend to need a little extra help.

We use proven, effective and individualized protocols to help

  • your child’s body eliminate what it doesn’t need
  • the immune system do its job
  • allow neurological development.

Your child can catch up to peer level in their life skills, become more connected and gain independence.

And you can feel like a successful, confident, empowered and hopeful parent!

In both distance and in-office healing sessions I combine years of training and clinical experience to guide the body how to eliminate what’s in the way of proper function.

I have always been interested in science, and understanding living systems down to the molecular level. I studied genetics and cell biology at Purdue University and went on to work as a molecular biologist at the University of Chicago and then at the NutraSweet Company. After completing a Masters of Business degree, I began a marketing career, where I developed and marketed products for molecular biologists to use in research experiments. For several years, I was involved with the world-wide effort of sequencing of the Human Genome, became marketing director of a biotechnology company, and then consulted in the industry. I have traveled extensively to biotechnology companies and universities world-wide, speaking directly with scientists regarding their research. I continue to read scientific literature and keep current with research, particularly that relating to nutrition, disease, autism and holistic health.

My own healing with NMT… In 1994 I began exploring energetic medicine quite by accident. I had a near-anaphylactic allergic reaction to pistachios and ended up in the emergency room, shot with adrenaline to counteract the reaction. Afterwards, I always carried an EpiPen in case of future exposure to pistachios. I had heard that my allergy could be eliminated, went to see a practitioner of NAET (Namboodripod's Allergy Elimination Technique), an energetic modality, and overcame the allergy. I couldn't understand how this could work! It wasn't scientific! But it did work; I was living proof of it (and eat pistachios whenever I want!).

This explanation helped:

There are things that exist that we don't know about or understand. For example, electricity has always been a part of nature, but we only started understanding it in 1750, when Benjamin Franklin performed his famous kite-flying experiment.

Some time after my allergy elimination I moved to a new location and found I was sensitive to the spring pollens (I was miserable; itchy, watery eyes, constant sneezing and runny nose). I went to see an NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) practitioner who told me NMT worked better, faster, more direct than NAET. Within two sessions the symptoms were gone – relief! But, a funny thing happened as a result of those two NMT sessions: my vision improved! So I actively pursued using NMT to improve my vision (combined with eye exercises), resulting in a 33% decrease in my corrective lens prescription. I was so fascinated and impressed with NMT, that I was inspired to learn it.

After studying anatomy and physiology, I pursued all possible trainings for NMT and keep current with the methodology. I have been practicing NMT since 2006, having done thousands of sessions, with excellent results.

In 2014 I became a Certified Nutrition Practitioner (CPN), through the Association of Applied Nutrition, based in Olympia, WA. I believe if we eat whole food and not all the processed, industrialized stuff we call food, we'd all be living very healthy, disease-free lives!

Besides being a science geek, I have been counseling people for over 20 years, and research about general health, healing the gut, autism, toxicity, how emotions play into disease and more. I see my role as uniting accepted, scientific approaches with energetic, quantum principles to bring healing to all beings. I live and work in Eugene, Oregon, where I work with clients both one-on-one and in groups, locally and via phone or video call all over North America, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. I've treated cats, dogs cows, even alpacas! I've also treated gardens and houseplants, which respond well.

I also love to be in nature, garden, travel, practice hot yoga and read – especially anything metaphysical, quantum physics, scientific, or spiritual in nature.