2021 Autism Transformed Holiday Gift Guide

Here's a gift list for this holiday season. Share this list with the gift-givers in your life. A little hint goes a long way (at my house, at least). These are a 10 of my favorite things that may help you and your family feel good and stay healthy all year round!

Air Doctor Air Purifier

Give the gift of clean air to your family or relatives!

Air Doctor air filter. AirDoctor is different from other purifiers because it not only captures some of the smallest most dangerous particles like smoke, bacteria and viruses, but its UltraHEPAⓇ Filter also captures toxic gases and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)– some of the most common forms of indoor air pollution.

Mega Home Water Distiller

Distilled water - the purest water available!

Distilled water is coming out as the #1 purest water to drink. Our city water and even well water may be contaminated with some of 72,000 chemicals that are in existance, maybe even more if they combine with each other! Are there pharmaceuticals, metals, radiation, plastics, glyphosate in your water? Why drink possibly contaminated water. Distilling is the ONLY way to get EVERYTHING out.

Sauna Space Near Infrared Sauna​

Detox through the skin - your largest organ!

Getting the body sweating is a really effective way to eliminate toxins, since the skin is your largest organ! If your child sweats, a sauna is a very effective healing tool – for the entire family.

Getting the body sweating is a really effective way to eliminate toxins, since the skin is your largest organ! If your child sweats, a sauna is a very effective healing tool – for the entire family.


Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath

Detox through the feet and urine using this device.

This is a safe and non-invasive way to detoxify the body using the power of ions. Kids ask for it! They simply put their feet in the water for 15-30 minutes. Check out their research that shows 46% reduction in Aluminum, 34% reduction in glyphosate, 24% reduction in cadmium. One study showed a 55% average reduction in ATEC scores for 24 participants.

Clean Chlorella Binder

One of my favorite binders that helps remove heavy metals from the body safely.

Clean Chlorella is a binder that helps mop up heavy metals which exit through the bowels, providing some ease for the kidneys. From Health Ranger.

Kids Castor Oil Pack

To give the liver a little help, which we could all use!

Castor oil kids packs are a nighttime ritual that feels like a comforting warm hug before bedtime. It nourishes your child’s little body and gets them ready for a deep, restful sleep. It works from the outside-in to set the foundation for excellent gut health. This helps with constipation, diarrhea, bloating, indigestion, upset tummy, nightmares, insomnia, and other sleep problems, bedwetting and more.

Oxy Powder

A little help for constipation...

OxyPowder scrubs the gut with ozonated magnesium oxide, helping the bowels release stagnant waste.

Be careful, as this can cause blow-outs, a real cleaning experience!

autism recovery, probiotics

One of our Favorite Probiotics

Just Thrive - probiotic strains helpful for healing the gut.

This probiotic contains the proprietary strain, Bacillus Indicus HU36®, which produces antioxidants directly in the digestive system where they can be best absorbed by your body. 

To avoid any discomfort, start with a tiny amount from the capsule and build to using more per day. These are mighty powerful little microbes!

Autism Expressions Card Deck

Tested and loved by parents and children

The Autism Expressions Card Deck was developed to help children express how they are feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally. Even children who are non-verbal or low-expressive can share what is really going on for them by pulling a card. This deck contains 52 colorful cards with original artwork and unique messages your child may be wishing to express to you.  $30

For more information about the artist and how the cards came about, click here.

Doctors Panel Video Interviews

Want the expertise of the top autism doctors? In this video, 5 of the leading autism recovery doctors answer common questions about autism recovery and give practical strategies for your child. Check out a sneak preview in our blog series. $19.97