10 FREE Actions that Help Heal Your Child heal from the symptoms of Autism

Tip #1 Poop Daily

In this video, I go into why pooping is so important and some strategies for getting your child to poop well.

Since creating this video, I've discovered Intestinal Mover from Microbe Formulas. This is an herbal formula that is gentle and can easily be stopped once elimination is back on track without the body becoming dependent upon it.

Natural Ways to Get the Bowels Moving

  1. Enema. Yes, it seems gross, but using an enema bag and warm water could get the fecal matter flowing. Your child may not be able to hold the water in for long enough to let it work so use enemas in conjunction with any of the following supplements.

  2. Magnesium. There are many forms but Magnesium Hydroxide works the best for moving bowels.

  3. Vitamin C. Large doses of vitamin C tend to create ‘bowel intolerance’, meaning the intestinal muscles lose tone and let go of stool. Too much vitamin C could lead to diarrhea, so there is a fine line between just enough and too much. Experiment to find the right amount.

  4. Magnesium and Vitamin C. There is a product I really like from Global Healing Center called Oxy Powder that has both ingredients.

  5. These next two are extreme stimulant laxatives (when taken orally) with potential side effects of pain and cramping in the abdomen. But they can really get the bowels unclogged.
    • Castor oil. Give 1 teaspoon internally. Look for feces to come out forcefully within 4-6 hours, likely more than once. This may need to be combined with magnesium and Vitamin C for the full effect. Or, it can be gently massaged on the belly in a clockwise direction.
    • The herb senna is often used to move bowels and is usually combined with other herbs beneficial for the liver and digestive tract. If you are going to use this herb, you’ll need the professional guidance of a nutritionist or other health professional.

Get Guidance Now

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