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Detoxification with Near Infrared Sauna Therapy 

One way to effectively eliminate toxins from the body is via the use of a sauna, capitalizing on the largest organ of the body to emit toxins, the skin. 

There are many different types of saunas available. The aim is to get the body to sweat out toxins. However, research has shown that utilizing Near Infrared light emitters, like that found in the full spectrum light of Sauna Space saunas, helps not only detoxify, but also stimulate mitochondrial function, a common deficiency in children with autism spectrum disorder. 

Near Infrared Light (NIR): The Wavelength the Body Utilizes Best

Near infrared light absorption by the light receptors in our cell’s mitochondria promotes cellular regeneration and anti-aging.

Only 600-950 nm light has been shown to activate cellular regeneration & anti-aging systems.

A large and rapidly growing body of knowledge supports the use of near infrared light to treat and prevent many illnesses, physical and toxic injuries, and other health conditions.

Why does Near Infrared Light Penetrate Tissue 5x or More Deeply than Far Infrared Light?

The human body has an optical window of light absorption of 600-1150nm. That’s because hemoglobin absorbs most all light below 600nm, which is all visible light except red light.

Water absorbs all light of wavelengths greater than 1150nm. Because far infrared (FIR) light wavelengths start at about 5,000-15,000nm, all FIR light wavelengths are completely absorbed by water moleculesSince our bodies are mostly water and it’s everywhere in our tissues, the water absorbs the FIR light, so it doesn’t penetrate very deeply into the tissues; it gets absorbed/blocked by the water. Even when it does penetrate 1-2 inches into the body, it doesn’t activate any cellular regenerative systems of healing. It only provides a heating effect on the cells.

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