Autism Recovery

  Autism Recovery

If your child has slipped behind the mask of autism and you’re looking to bring him or her back, you’re in the right place.

Science shows us that at the root of the behavioral symptoms known as Autism Spectrum Disorder are many internal disruptions. 

We offer a 50-min Next Step Discovery Consult where you can find out if what we do is a fit for your child, and you get strategies to use NOW.  If you purchase one of our packages, the $200 consultation fee can be applied to your package. Book yours here.
Please note: in the video I describe a 30-min complimentary consult, which is no longer available.

The Symptoms
You may observe a few or many of these signs and symptoms in your child:

Allergiesautism alternative treatment, natural autism treatment
Attention deficit
Bowel issues – constipation/diarrhea
In his/her own world
Inability to socialize
Lack of coordination
Lack of focus/attention
Loss of eye contact
Low energy
Low muscle tone
Poor fine or gross motor skills
Sensory integration problems
Sleep issues
Slow response time
Speech delays
Stimulation or self-stimulation
Tantrums and other disproportionate emotional reactions

What’s Underneath the Surface 
Chronic infections and their toxins, heavy metal toxicity, pesticide, herbicide, hormone-mimicking toxins from plastics, inflammation and disrupted detoxification systems all contribute to the symptoms known as Autism.

If your child is very sensitive (and I see most are), then many forms of stimulation are amplified, too much for the nervous system to handle. For example – crowds, places with strong smells, too much noise, too many visitors or activities, the pace is too fast.

This “too much” causes even more internal stress and keeps the body in fight or flight mode, interrupting healing. Does your son ever seem “wired but tired”, hyper, yet unable to sleep or calm down? Even if stress is not outwardly apparent, its likely the internal systems are stressed.

Family Dynamics 
A special needs/special diet/sensitive child affects the entire family. Food preparation, activities, timing, therapy sessions, outings – whether or not to go out – may create family tension.

Emotions play a huge part in the body, though in our society, we rarely recognize this aspect of healing. Anger, sadness, fear – the emotions have a chemical signature in the body. In utero, birth, post-natal and beyond all have an emotional impact on a person’s body. What looks like fun and playing to one person could be traumatic for another. Think back to your child’s emotional history, your own. Are there instances of trauma, grief, hardship? 


RECOVERY – How We Help
We have programs to create more ease  – for your child, for the family. Your child will progress, heal, develop. We support you, the parents, on what to do so that you have peace of mind and more daily harmony. 

We tune into the body, assess the internal environment, activate the body’s own innate healing mechanisms to heal from the inside out. And we suggest what type of nutrients the body needs to complete the healing.


Assess  NeuroModulation Technique accesses and modulates the body’s internal control system – the nervous system. We use Muscle response Testing (MRT) to

  • Assess various systems of the body
  • Discover Pathogens and chronic infections
  • Determine toxicity and function of detox mechanisms.
    Query the body for many other functions – like leaky gut, digestion capability, absorption of nutrients, cell to cell communication (very important for neuron function!), autoimmunity and other immune dysfunction.

We can ask the body any question and it will answer. The key is to ask the questions that give meaningful information. We have protocols in place to do this specifically for autism.girlinpinkhat' (640x424)

Awareness  Once we’ve assessed the state of the body, the conditions are reflected back to the person so that ALL levels of her being are aware of the chemical and regulatory “mistakes” the body is making.

Modulate  Adjust. Change. Harmonize. Balance.
We give the body instructions to behave more appropriately. For example, if there are toxins stuck to cells, the instruction would be for the immune cells to get rid of them. We find the body extremely compliant in carrying out the new task. However, it’s common that nutrients and building blocks are needed. This is when we test for which micronutrients are necessary for completing the assignment.

We work in-office or distance via phone or Skype. 


And More…
Diet, Detox, Environment, Stress
What goes into and onto the body, whether it’s food, supplements, lotions, shampoos, sunscreen, soaps, etc – all affect body biochemistry.

Read more about nutrition and specific diets, such as gluten-free, Gut and Psychology (GAPS) Diet, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), FODMAPS and more.

Detoxification is crucial, not just for children on the autism spectrum, but for everyone. There are 74 Billion pounds of chemicals entering the United States each day, excluding pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food additives and oil derivatives. Where does it all go? Into the air, water, soil, then into our bodies. How to effectively detoxify

Environment means anything outside the body, including outdoors and inside the home. So many products we buy off-gas in the house, creating indoor air pollution.  

Outdoors – We don’t seem to pay attention to the accumulation of herbicides and pesticides on the land, which moves into waterways. Or antibiotics, hormones and pesticide-laden grains fed to animals that we then eat. Do the excess antibiotics, hormones and pesticides get excreted through their waste? Flow into the earth? What about factories that spew heavy metals into the air or toxic waste into waterways?

Indoors – Fire retardant on furniture, in beds. Volatile organic compounds from vinyl flooring, glues, paints, walls, particle board. Plastics from can liners, PVC pipes, water bottles, store receipts, food bags and storage containers. 

On Skin – antibiotic soap containing Triclosan, shampoo, hair dyes and products, make-up, sunscreen, medications, baby oils and powder, lotion, baby wipes. What is really in these things anyway? What do we breathe in from toxic cleaners, fragrances, air fresheners. We have been trained to not think about what we put on our bodies and how this may affect us. Read ingredient lists. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your body or your child’s body!