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Help Your Child Feel Better and Shine

Help Your Child Feel Better and Shine I love to share resources with you that may be helpful for your child, depending on where you are in your journey. To help you on your late night search, I’ve compiled some

Solutions for the Onslaught of Electromagnetic Frequency Exposure

Solutions for the Onslaught of Electromagnetic Frequency Exposure We live in a world today inundated with “dirty” electricity (high frequency noise) emitted constantly, invading our personal space. Sure, it’s great to be connected, have your phone, computer, ipad and other

Brave Mom Speaks Up About GMO’s

Called the Erin Brokovitch of foods, Robyn O’Brein gives a stunning TED X talk about how foreign proteins genetically engineered into American foods are causing food allergies, cancer and other health crises in the US. I particularly love how she

December, 2014 Newsletter

Toxicity and Autism   Billions of tons of chemicals are produced every year. It’s amazing that humans have figured  out how to combine so many atoms together to make unique molecules. But, what happens to them when we are done

5 Free Things to Effectively Detox Your Body

I’m super-excited to get this list out! You will benefit from my tons of research, experience and work I’ve done with clients by doing these 5 simple things. 1. Poop every day.  Seriously! If your waste is not coming out

Liver Compression Technique

One of the best and cheapest things you can do to support your detoxification and overall health is this liver compression exercise. Promoted by Lyme and autism expert, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, it gets the bile flowing, potentially unclogging the liver

Parasite Books

Parasite books:                    

June, 2014 Newsletter

The Tie Between Autism and Chronic Disease  Yes, There IS One! While attending the AutismOne 2014 Conference in Chicago at the end of May, I heard a confirmation from many people of what I have suspected for quite a long

April, 2014 Newsletter

More Research Incriminating Wheat and Gluten New research finds blood containing antibodies to wheat and milk also contain antibodies to 4 different brain proteins, suggesting these two common foods may be contributing to neurological dysfunction through molecular mimicry. Molecular mimicry is a phenomenon where one

February, 2014 Newsletter

From the Mind of an Autistic Boy The Reason I Jump, authored by an autistic Japanese boy at age 13, Naoki Higashida, helps answer questions of what the inner world of being autistic is like. Not that he speaks for