Help Your Child Feel Better and Shine

Help Your Child Feel Better and Shine

I love to share resources with you that may be helpful for your child, depending on where you are in your journey. To help you on your late night search, I’ve compiled some helpful resources, some of which are highlighted below, that I hope will help your child feel better and shine!

Recently, I interviewed John Leon of The Autism Exchange on the Ask a Parent webinar series. In case you missed it, click here to watch the replay for free.

♦ Check out The Autism Exchange for organized information on Autism Education, Biomedical, Diet, Daily Living, Therapies, and more!

♦ Generation Rescue Family Grant Program: Provides treatment, financial support, therapy services, nutritional training, supplements, medical visits and lab testing for children with autism and families in financial need.

♦ The Autism Hope Alliance – Gift of Hope: Designed to help families with children with autism. Approved families receive nutritional products each month for a year. 

♦ Talk About Curing Autism: Learn more about TACA and their various services, including the Parent Empowerment & Support, TACA Parent Mentor Program, and Scholarship Programs. TACA serves only those in the United States.

♦ Barleans Fish Oils: Offers 40% off their supplement products which are free of dairy, casein, gluten, sugar, and soy.

It is my hope that these resources will help you well into 2018. Look for more resources— webinars, new products, info from experts, and much more—from me soon!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Solutions for the Onslaught of Electromagnetic Frequency Exposure

Solutions for the Onslaught of Electromagnetic Frequency Exposure

We live in a world today inundated with “dirty” electricity (high frequency noise) emitted constantly, invading our personal space. Sure, it’s great to be connected, have your phone, computer, ipad and other devices so you can know everything.. But we – and our children – pay a price for it.

“Dirty” electricity may be affecting your home due to excess electricity flowing through the wires in the walls. This comes from mixing outdated electricity delivery infrastructure (from power companies) with newer, energy efficient appliances and light bulbs. The power supply of an appliance – like a television – doesn’t know what to do with the excess electricity, so puts it out into the air. Likewise, extra electricity in the form of positive ions leaks from electric sockets in the wall. These attracts the wifi signal and generate a harmonic, or frequency. When a person uses a laptop or ipad, he becomes the grounding for those frequencies.

Although our governing organizations don’t want to admit it, these frequencies can interfere with your body. Neural signals function using electrical gradients (positive and negative charges), as do our muscles, and pretty much all cellular communication. The entire body emits electromagnetic fields, with the heart producing the largest. And the body, heart and brain  are affected by electromagnetic fields the environmental EMFs around it.

How to Protect Yourself?
Peter Sullivan of Clear Light Ventures writes about how he recovered his children from autism by eliminating the EMFs in his house. Martha Herbert, PhD, MD, pediatric neurologist and brain development researcher, speaks about how EMFs are another toxicant for the young, developing brain. And that this toxic effect can be reversed.

Peter, whom I met at an AutismOne Conference, introduced me to Alan Maher, of, someone I can barely understand, as he rattles off physics, frequencies, sound waves and other such information that sounds like another language to me. However, he’s put all that good science to use by making products that help mitigate the EMFs and excess electricity to which one is exposed. Here are a few  basic solutions for keeping your family safe from the ever-present toxic frequencies.

Here are 3 things you can do to lower the electromagnetic frequencies in your home:

Apply an EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference) wrap outside your home. If you can do only one thing–this is it! The EMI wrap is also likely to decrease your electric bill in a normal home by 25%! The wrap is a power conditioning for incoming electricity and is specifically designed for audio, voltage correction and electromagnetic interference mitigation.

Install an RF antenna in each room, by your child’s bed. This addresses in-room radio frequency noise – the ‘dirty’ electricity mentioned earlier – and provides grounding for the room airborne noise.


Use shoe inserts for grounding. This wearable shoe insert draws damaging environmental noise (those damaging positive ions) away from the body, allowing your child’s, now noise-free, nervous system to operate more efficiently as it regulates many other systems throughout your child’s body.  A boost in your child’s health is the result.

I admit, I am certainly no expert in this arena. If you have any questions or would like to hear about the amazing health changes these products have had for kids with autism and people with other health issues, head over to Alan’s site or give him a call .

To investigate more about EMFs and health, check this website for a list of scientific studies:

I also recommend reading An Electronic Silent Spring: Facing the Dangers and Creating Safe Limits by Katie Singer.

Brave Mom Speaks Up About GMO’s

Called the Erin Brokovitch of foods, Robyn O’Brein gives a stunning TED X talk about how foreign proteins genetically engineered into American foods are causing food allergies, cancer and other health crises in the US. I particularly love how she informs us that since GMO foods are not allowed in Europe and many countries outside of the US, large corporations reformulate processed foods to be GMO-free. I hate that we in the US are struggling to even get GMO-containing foods labeled while companies can easily make products GMO-free! Spend 18 minutes of your life watching this video. It’s worth it!

December, 2014 Newsletter

Toxicity and Autism

Billions of tons of chemicals are produced every year. It’s amazing that humans have figured  out how to combine so many atoms together to make unique molecules. But, what happens to them when we are done using them? Let’s take the example of a pharmaceutical drug.  It’s chemically synthesized in a lab, packaged into a pill, sold as a remedy for a sickness, taken by a person or animal, distributed throughout the body, and the breakdown components are passed out in the urine. The urine is flushed into the toilet, goes to the sewage treatment plant, likely gets put into the ground. Then where does it go? And where do the antibiotics given to cattle, chickens and other animals raised for food  go? What about excess fertilizer and pesticides put on crops? Where does all the used anti-bacterial soap go after we wash it down the drain? It  goes back into the earth, of course! Into the land, washed into waterways and the ocean, seeping into the food we eat, evaporated into the air. We get exposed to it and the cycle starts all over again. If we are not purifying our drinking water, perhaps filtering our air (and we can only really filter the indoor air), being diligent about eating only organic food, then we are surely unintentionally exposed to toxins day in and day out. Autism, kid looking far away without interestingThe rate of increase in autism parallels the increase in the use of RoundUp pesticide as well as the number of vaccines given to children. Autism is now quite common in the US, and becoming more common  in Europe, Asia, South America and even Africa. There is no escaping the potential for your child to present with the symptoms of autism. There is, however, the potential to clean up mom’s body before becoming pregnant and to clean up the body of a child diagnosed with autism. The challenge is great, but doable. Making conscious choices about what goes into the body makes a big difference. What about the products used on the body? Shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, hair products, makeup, deodorant, soap – these all add to the chemical burden of the body, making more work for the immune system, using precious energy. Watch for our new e-book coming soon: Ten Absolutely Free Ways to Help Your Child With Autism. It will detail changes that will help detoxify, restore the neuroimmune system and restore balance to mind and body.

How You Benefit from My Nutrition Certification
There are many excellent nutritional supplement brands available only to licensed and certified professionals. Now you can have access to these when you “see” me professionally (in person or via Skype appointments).Herbal supplement pillsTo help with: 
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Autism
  • Candida Overgrowth
  • Toxicity due to “silver” dental fillings… Products from Quicksilver Scientific, experts in mercury toxicity 
  • Blood Plasma and Cell Function and Communication, improving Overall Health
  • Mental Focus
  • Muscle Recovery after sports.products from Quinton, ocean water -the perfect blood plasma replacement 
  • Overly Sensitive People
  • Hormonal Issues,
  • Pathogen Elimination…..Products from Mountain States Health Products providing  clinically proven homopathic and glandular formulas
  • Adrenal and other Endocrine Support
  • Joint and Bone Support
  • Whole Body Detoxification
  • Overall Health SupportProducts from Standard Process, whole food nutritional supplements 
The information and services described or presented on this web site are NOT a cure for any disease, ailment, or health condition. NO MEDICAL CLAIMS are expressed or implied, either directly or indirectly, regarding the services presented herein.

5 Free Things to Effectively Detox Your Body

I’m super-excited to get this list out! You will benefit from my tons of research, experience and work I’ve done with clients by doing these 5 simple things.

1. Poop every day. 

enema bucket

Seriously! If your waste is not coming out of you, then it’s getting recycled back into your blood stream and toxins can settle anywhere. This alone will be detoxifying for you. I know it sounds gross and off-putting, but if you are at all constipated, you should get an enema bucket and give yourself enemas. Warm water will do. But salt water or coffee enemas would be detoxifying, too.

For less than $7 you can get an enema kit that will last quite a while.


iphonewhilesleeping2. STOP carrying your cell phone on your body, close to your genitals or near your head while sleeping. There is so much research popping up about the detrimental effects of cell phone radiation (see, including lowered sperm counts and heating of the brain, which affects many biochemical reactions.

If you must sleep with your phone for the alarm, put it in airplane mode.




 3. Turn off your wifi at night while you sleep. And notice a deeper, better sleep. Shield yourself as best you can from wifi and electromagnetic waves while your body is repairing and regenerating.


4. Ditch the cordless phones in your home. It’s a constant source of electromagnetic waves, again, disturbing for the energy fields of the body. If your phone’s getting a signal, so is your nervous system and heart.

cordless phone


5. Perform the liver flush recommended by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt for at least 10 days in a row, 3 minutes per day. You’ll need someone else to do it to you. The best time is after you take the first couple of bites of food, when the bile starts flowing.

Liver Compression Technique

One of the best and cheapest things you can do to support your detoxification and overall health is this liver compression exercise. Promoted by Lyme and autism expert, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, it gets the bile flowing, potentially unclogging the liver and bile ducts.

How is this important? Pathogens can get stuck in the ducts, obstructing the flow of bile, which emulsifies fats so you can digest and use fats. If your poop floats, it’s a sign that there’s too much fat exiting your body instead of getting digested. This physical compression technique stimulates movement through the ducts, helping to clear the way for bile to flow easily.


Find a partner and try it out!

Parasite Books

Parasite books:
parasites-unwelcome guests






parasites-enemy within






guesswhatcame to dinner

June, 2014 Newsletter

The Tie Between Autism and Chronic Disease 

Yes, There IS One!

While attending the AutismOne 2014 Conference in Chicago at the end of May, I heard a confirmation from many people of what I have suspected for quite a long time…

Autism is a Disease of Toxicity! Chronic Disease is due to Toxicity!

Which brings hope that people can recover from autism as they detoxify their bodies. And people with other chronic diseases, like diabetes, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, heart disease, cancer can recover, too! It begins with only putting real food in the body, then slowly getting the junk (toxins) out.

With autistic kids, toxic early in life, the process is slow and long because very important systems of the body are really messed up. But they, and everyone, can detoxify and get healthier.                                  photo credit: Alain Elorza

AutismOne Conference 
There was so much good information shared at the conference that it will take me many posts to share it all. There are methods of cleaning the body, products that help detox and nourish, simple advice our great grandmothers lived by,  and much more. My goal is to summarize and share it with you. And you can share it with your loved ones.

Naoki Higashida, Autistic Child, at age 13 Answers the Question… 
Q. What causes panic attacks and meltdowns?alternative autism treatment tantrum
A. “Panic attacks can be triggered by many things, but even if you set up an ideal environment that gets rid of all the usual causes for a given person, we would still suffer panic attacks now and then.”“One of the biggest misunderstandings you have about us is your belief that our feelings aren’t as subtle and complex as yours.””… we experience the same emotions that you do. And because people with autism aren’t skillful talkers, we may in fact be even more sensitive than you are.Stuck here inside these unresponsive bodies of ours, with feelings we can’t properly express, it’s always a struggle just to survive. And it’s this feeling of helplessness that sometimes drives us half crazy, and brings on a panic attack or meltdown.”

How Do You Use Your Energy Body?

Because our society focuses on training the mental and physical bodies, we are never even told we have an energetic body, yet we do.  And most of us use it unconsciously. Here are three ways to use your energy body and feel more powerful in your daily life. 1. Energetic Center. Where the physical center of your body is, feel your energetic center, depicted by the pink dot. You may typically keep your center in your head, out in front of you, or given away to your partner, an authority figure (like a teacher), or even your child. Take it back and place it in the center of of your body! 2. Grounding Cord. Imagine growing down from your center a cord, or roots, going down into the center of the earth. You can do this as a meditation or visualization. In using your grounding cord, you are reminding yourself you can be grounded to the earth, as well as bring into you earth energy, or any energy that you need in the moment. This energy can give you power to make decisions or feel stronger in your body. 3. Energy Bubble. Imagine, like a big soap bubble, a bubble all around your body and very close to you. This bubble is yours and no one can penetrate it. It keeps you energetically sovereign. When you feel swayed by others or feel odd in a big crowd, remember to imagine your energy bubble to keep you protected from energies of others. You may imagine a color, size and density for your grounding cord. Likewise, you may imagine a particular color or shape for your energy bubble and energetic center.  

Remember to use these tools that are always available! 

April, 2014 Newsletter

More Research Incriminating Wheat and Gluten milk
New research finds blood containing antibodies to wheat and milk also contain antibodies to 4 different brain proteins, suggesting these two common foods may be contributing to neurological dysfunction through molecular mimicryMolecular mimicry is a phenomenon where one protein looks similar to another, such that the immune system will react to both in the same manner. In other words, immune system cells that react to an allergen or act to eliminate a certain microorganism’s protein would also react to a body protein, causing an autoimmune reaction.


The only medical treatment for autoimmune diseases currently is immunosuppressants – not a very good choice for overall body function. This is where alternative treatments have an advantage.
To correct the immune system dysfunction, keeping the body from destroying itself, would be the overall best solution for the body. But our allopathic medical doctors just don’t know how to do this, or even believe it’s possible! I feel so excited that NMT actually does this efficiently, thoroughly and permanently! You can witness an allergy be eliminated through a NMT session.
Read the research article: The Prevalence of Antibodies Against Wheat and Milk Proteins in Blood Donors and Their Contribution to Neuroimmune Reactivities or read a great synopsis of it at, one of my favorite websites for accessing well-written reviews of health, food and nutrition research.  

Our Health IS a Global Issue 
    A friend showed me this video of Daniel Schmachtenberger speaking eloquently, intelligently, understandably about Global Issues and their impact on us. I was impressed and inspired and want to share it with you! Yes, it’s long – over an hour long. If you are concerned about global issues, it’s worth every second to watch it.

Speech Help for Autistic Kids  Watch this video about ipad apps for helping kids with speech! This one is for “Verbs With Milo”, a cute mouse character who acts out each verb. There are many other apps at, created by speech and language therapist, Poorani Doonan from San Ramon, California. Check them out!

Pollen counts are high with the early springtime blossoms.  Book a NMT allergy clearing session so you can breathe easy again. Or recommend a friend and receive a gift from us!

Protecting Your Energy – A Simple Technique

I’ve watched this Donna Eden video and recommended it to clients many times. She is a wonderful energy medicine teacher who demonstrates in this video how to NOT have your energy zapped by others around you, how to keep your energetic sovereignty.


February, 2014 Newsletter

From the Mind of an Autistic Boy
Naoki-HigashidaThe Reason I Jump, authored by an autistic Japanese boy at age 13, Naoki Higashida, helps answer questions of what the inner world of being autistic is like. Not that he speaks for everyone with autism.
In my experience treating autistic kids, each is a unique being with unique physiological, emotional and energetic characteristics. As like any other living thing, there are no two alike. Yet, I find inside the non-verbal, perhaps aggressive or tantruming autistic person is an intelligent being, here at this time for a purpose.
Give this a read, whether you know someone with autism or not. It’s likely to open your mind.
Translated from Japanese by David Mitchell, father of a son with autism. Read about his reaction to the book and why he translated it.

What’s Better Than a Box of Chocolates for Valentine’s Day? 

purplegold heartcropped Show you care about your loved ones this Valentine’s Day by treating them to a healthy splurge – a massage, a smoothie or raw vegetable juice, or an emotional clearing healing session.

Trapped emotions keep us locked into body or mind habits, keeping us from our deepest happiness and health. Like cleaning cobwebs from a room, clearing cellular level emotions is like a little face lift for the body, mind and soul.

We provide a pain-free way to release those trapped emotions which creates a healthier you. Contact us to see how we can help you feel better.

Are You SAD? Get Help girl with tear (640x427)
If you succumb to SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, a feeling of depression, anxiety, moodiness and lethargy due to low levels of sunlight in the winter, pep yourself up with extra Vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids (like fish oil), a full spectrum lamp or a NMT session aimed at nudging your neurotransmitters – to create HAPPY again.
Ask us how.

February Special:

glossyheartcroppedTreatment: Emotional Blockage Clearing
Result: A happier state of being, feeling more joyful, may result in smiles!
Cost: $25
Book your session by calling us at +1 541-653-0446.
YES! We do distance sessions – no matter where you live!

Detox Help is Here

?????Have you made any health-related new year resolutions? Want a little help? We’re offering the Gift of Detox, absolutely free.There are many ways to detox:

  • – sweating in a sauna or steam room (or hot yoga room!)
  • – exercise, which pumps blood, gathering toxins to expel through the lungs
  • – drinking lots of water to flush the body, excreting toxins through the urinary system
  • – keeping digestion regular so toxic matter exits through fecal matter
  • – Food, herbs, liver, gall bladder and colon cleanses, colonics and various supplements that stimulate and capture toxins to be carried out of the body.

chinese meridiansfrontWe are offering an Accu-Energy Detoxification Treatment, using the same principles as accupuncture. Creating an easy flow of energy throughout the body’s meridians stimulates detoxification and elimination, from the inside out.

Join us and a group of other health conscious participants in a healing session that will tune up your body’s detox.

Wednesday, February 26
10am PT

It’s free!

If you want increased energy, improved brain function, increased motivation and more, join in! Contact us to say you want to join the group phone call/session. Instructions with the number and how to call in will be sent to you the day before. We hope you can participate!

Stress Prescription
Get rid of your stress, whether from work, home, school, relationships or health issues.

Free Stress Relief Session
Wednesday, February 19 at 10am PT

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